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TouchStream Multitouch Utilities Update

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from everyone on my previous post. Unfortunately the utilities aren’t currently working properly. First on the path to tracking down the issue was to fix up the source repository. The source repository on source forge has been abandoned for years. I’ve applied my patches to the code base and uploaded them on github (forks welcome). If you checkout the source from github you should be able to type make and have a fresh copy of the class files & libs. After some digging around I’ve been able to reproduce the issues by running the following command: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. java $THREADS -classpath jusb.jar usb.view.Foo This (attempts) to run the jusb test app, usb viewer. Currently it fails for me with a control read error. I’m pretty sure that the issue is that between versions of OSX the OS APIs have changed. I’m currently digging in to that particular code and I welcome any feedback.