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Fingerworks Multitouch Utility & Lion

Along with OSX 10.7 Lion Apple dropped support for PowerPC applications. My one last holdout was the multitouch utilities I use to change settings on my fingerworks touch stream lp. The mtu (multitouch utility) is actually a java app with a native wrapper. So first step was to run the java app directly. After a little poking in the config files I came up with the following script:     Save the script to your /Applications/Fingerworks directory and remember to chmod it. Now I could run the app, but it still couldn’t see my touch stream.  The issue was the jusb that came with the finger works installation. Jusb is an open source library that hasn’t been updated in years.  This thread put me in the right direction. In order to upgrade jusb first you need to check out the source. Run the following from terminal:   After that you should be able to run the utilities again